Light Weight Gold Plated Three Balls Spring Bangles
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Light Weight Gold Plated Three Balls Spring Bangles

Three Balls Spring Bangles

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Serial No -  2301


Check out our Three Balls Spring Bangles for a touch of elegance. These stunning gold bangles are made from copper and adorned with a gold-sheeted jewel. They are perfect for ladies who appreciate the style. With three gold sheeted balls featuring beautiful emerald stones, these fancy bangles have a timeless and unique design Lightweight Jewellery.

Product Description



●       Name: Three Balls Spring Bangles

●       Material: Copper with gold-sheeted jewel

●       Design: Machinery spring bangle with three gold sheeted balls and emerald stones

●       Weight: Starting at 3 grams

●       Size: Customizable

●       Return Value: 55% yearly reducing method



Elevate your style with Three Balls Spring Bangles, a perfect blend of craftsmanship and elegance. The copper base, combined with a gold-sheeted jewel, creates a luxurious foundation. The advanced machinery ensures a unique spring design, and the three gold sheeted balls add a touch of sophistication with embedded emerald stones.Starting at  3 grams, these bangles provide a lightweight and comfortable wear. The bangle size is customizable to ensure a perfect fit for your wrist. Invest with confidence as our Three Balls Spring Bangles come with a 55% yearly reducing return value.Explore elegance with our Three Balls Spring Bangles - your go-to destination for lightweight gold jewelry in Hyderabad with SVS Lightweight Jewellery.

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