Light Weight Gold Plated Mirum Diamond Four Bangles
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 Light Weight Gold Plated Mirum Diamond Four Bangles

Mirum Diamond Four Bangle

Category: Bangles


Serial No - 2258


Complete your look with our mirum diamond four bangle collections. Each one looks so stunning in its own design. These graceful and copper based jewels, light weight gold bangles, look perfect with every attire. Starting at 4 grams, customize your size and enjoy a 55% yearly reducing return value.

Product Description



Material: Premium copper base with a gold-sheeted jewel

Design: Three-step diamond shape design with mirum flowers

Weight: Starting at 4 grams

Bangle Size: Fully customizable for a perfect fit



Our Mirum Diamond Four Bangle collection is full of stone bangles designs. All the designs are crafted with high quality materials of copper base with gold sheeted jewel. Its three step diamond shape, adorned with mirum flowers, is the perfect blend of craftsmanship and elegance of bangles. Explore our collections of mirum diamond four bangles and choose the best stone bangles with SVS Jewellery.


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