Light Weight Gold plated Dofell  Necklace
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Light Weight Gold plated Dofell  Necklace

Dofell Necklace

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Serial No: 2032


Discover elegance with the Dofell Necklace, a precision-crafted masterpiece. Adorned with 190 ruby and CZ stones, the delicate floral pattern and eye-catching pendant with pearls weigh just 6 grams at 16 inches. Experience exceptional craftsmanship at SVS Lightweight Jewellery

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Intricate Design: The centerpiece boasts a stunning floral arrangement crafted with precision, featuring 190 ruby stones shaped as delicate flowers.

CZ Stone Embellishments: Enhancing the opulence, 190 CZ stones delicately hang, adding a touch of brilliance and sparkle.

Statement Pendant: A sizable ruby stone is elegantly rounded with 190 additional CZ stones, creating a captivating focal point.

Timeless Pearl Accents: Graceful pearls dangle, completing the necklace with a touch of classic charm.

Weight and Length: Starting at a mere 6 grams, the 16-inch length ensures a comfortable and flattering fit.



Experience the epitome of tradition and sophistication with the Dofell Necklace Gold created by SVS Lightweight Jewellery. This exquisite gold necklace showcases a detailed design highlighted by a breathtaking floral arrangement at its center. The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the 190 ruby stones meticulously shaped into delicate flowers, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Adding to its allure are 190 CZ stones delicately suspended, providing a brilliant and dazzling effect. The statement pendant features a substantial ruby stone elegantly encircled by 190 additional CZ stones, making it the focal point of this elegant and lightweight gold necklace. Timeless pearl accents gracefully dangle, adding a touch of classic charm to the piece. Weighing just 6 grams and measuring 16 inches in length, this necklace ensures both comfort and a flattering fit. Elevate your style with the Dofell Necklace Gold, where tradition meets timeless beauty.

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