Light Weight Gold Plated Shanku Four Bangles
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Light Weight Gold Plated Shanku Four Bangles

Shanku Four Bangle

Category: Bangles


Serial No -  2264


Choose the finest set of Shanku bangle set of 4 Collection, which each and every piece of design comes on in its unique look. These copper crafted designs make the bangles a long wear jewellery. These gold-sheeted designs feature shanku on both sides, mango leaf, and dotted flowers. Explore more from a great selection of light weight gold jewellery designs.

Product Description



Material: Premium copper base with a gold-sheeted jewel

Design: Shanku on both sides with mango leaf and dotted flowers

Weight: Starting at 4 grams

Bangle Size: Fully customizable for a perfect fit



Get the Shanku Four Bangle collection which presents a combination of cultural heritage and refined design. Each piece features a copper base with a gold-sheeted jewel, to make it stronger for everyday use. The dotted flower design makes its design so classy. The gold sheet bangles are fully customizable starting at 4 grams. Explore more with an affordable price.


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