Light Weight Gold Plated Full Sunflower Four Bangles
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Light Weight Gold Plated Full Sunflower Four Bangles

Full Sunflower Four Bangle

Category: Bangles


Serial No - 2250


 Explore our matte-finish sunflower bangle set – perfect for daily wear. Crafted with copper and gold-sheeted gemstones, customizable to your size. Discover the latest stone bangle designs, including the unique Kasulaperu collection. Elevate your style with Brahmi Nakshi Bangles and enjoy a 55% yearly return reduction on all purchases.

Product Description



Material: High-quality copper base with a gold-sheeted jewel

Design: Alluring sunflowers pattern

Weight: Starting with 4 grams

Bangle Size: Customizable for a perfect fit



Our exquisite light weight gold bracelet for ladies, Kasulaperu Bangles, are designed for the ideal fusion of fashion and comfort. With Brahmi Nakshi Bangles, you can see the creative charm in every design of light weight gold ladies bracelet. Each piece displays flawless craftsmanship and adds cultural value to what you're wearing. Keep up to date with our newest Stone Bangles Designs, that show your personality in modern looks. Enjoy the beauty of femininity with our exquisite Full Sunflower Four Bangles, which are crafted with grace and elegance.



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