Light Weight Gold plated Mango Flower Necklace
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Light Weight Gold plated Mango Flower Necklace

Mango Flower Necklace

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Serial No: 2000


Mango Flower Necklace  timeless elegance, delicate craftsmanship. Handcrafted with a copper base, gold-sheeted jewel, and adorned with 260 radiant rubies. The captivating mango motif and dangling pearls make it a true masterpiece from SVS Lightweight Jewellery, measuring 16 inches.

Product Description



Material: Copper base with gold-sheeted jewel

Design: Embrolled Stone shaped as a flower with 260 ruby stones

Pendant: Mango motif with half-moon and hanging pearls

Weight: Starting at 5 grams

Length: 16 inches



This pendant truly shines as it showcases a mesmerizing mango design, a crescent moon shape, and delicate pearls that add to its charm. Weighing just 5 grams, this 16-inch necklace beautifully combines classic elements with modern lightweight jewelry trends, making it a wonderful addition to your collection.



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