Light Weight Gold Plated Chandramallika Halow Kankanalu
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Light Weight Gold Plated Chandramallika Halow Kankanalu

Chandramallika Halow Kankanalu

Category: Bangles


Serial No - 2292


 Copper-based with gold sheeted jewel using Chandramallika flower shape with snake cutting Design with side design bits using Ruby, Emerald & AD Stones with hand made nakshi design kankanalu light weight gold jewellery shops in hyderabad


Product Description

Features :


Weight: Starting with 6 grams
Bangle Size: Customize
Return Value: 55% yearly reducing method




Chandramallika Halow Gold Kankanalu has a flawless combination of copper and gold artistry. Our bangles have the stunning Chandramallika flower shape Bangles are adorned with Ruby, Emerald, and AD Stones. Handcrafted Nakshi patterns provide a classy touch. These timeless pieces, which start from 6 grams, can be modified for a precise fit. With a yearly return value of 55%, our Kankanalu are more than just accessories; they're investments in tradition and style. Embrace the timeless elegance of Chandramallika Halow Kankanalu.

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