Light Weight Gold Plated Lakshmi Devi Sunflower Four Bangles
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 Light Weight Gold Plated Lakshmi Devi Sunflower Four Bangles

Lakshmi Devi Sunflower Four Bangle

Category: Bangles


Serial No -  2247


Discover our matte finish Lakshmi Devi Sunflower bangles set of four, meticulously crafted with copper and gold sheeted jewelry. Customizable to fit your wrist, these stylish stone bangles feature the latest designs. Buy now for a 55% yearly reducing return. Explore and own the perfect gemstone bangles tailored for you.

Product Description



Material: High-quality copper base with a gold-sheeted jewel

Design: Lakshmi Devi idol with sunflowers

Weight: Starting with 4 grams

Bangle Size: Customizable to fit your wrist perfectly



The celebration of your marriage encompasses both relationships and customs. Our exquisitely crafted Lakshmi Devi Sunflower set of bangles will elevate your appearance. Finely designed gold sheet bangles that will make your outfit look luxurious. Explore distinctive stone bangles designs that each express a creative story. With our gorgeous gemstone bangles, you may up your look and add a glamorous touch that goes well with your individuality. A 55% annual reduction approach ensures lasting value, making it a prudent investment. Make a wise investment and enjoy lasting value with a 55% yearly reducing method.


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