Light Weight Gold Plated Lotus Sada  Chandh Bhali  Ear Rings
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 Light Weight Gold Plated Lotus Sada  Chandh Bhali  Ear Rings

Lotus sada Chandh Bhali Ear Rings

Category: Earrings


Serial No- 2179


Copper based with gold sheeted jewel using a lotus flower design with drop stone with ruby & emerald with a hanging leaf following halfmoon with side stones packed with 220 AD Stones hanging with perals.

Product Description


Weight : Starting with 2grams

Ear Ring Size : 1.5 to 4.0 inches (Customise)

Return Value : 55% yearly reducing method.






Elevate your style with our Chandbali Earrings, seamlessly blending tradition and modern chic in lightweight gold jewellery. Precision-crafted, these earrings feature a copper base adorned with gold-sheeted lotus flowers and vibrant ruby and emerald drop stones. A hanging leaf in a half-moon pattern adds charm, adorned with side stones for sophistication. The brilliance comes from 220 AD Stones, creating a dazzling radiance. Completed with hanging pearls, these earrings promise a touch of opulence. Embrace the fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary flair at an attractive price, symbolizing accessible luxury for the modern woman. Step into enchantment and redefine your style with these captivating lightweight gold jewellery earrings.


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