Light Weight Gold Plated Jack Nakshi Halow Kankanalu
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 Light Weight Gold Plated Jack Nakshi Halow Kankanalu

Jack Nakshi Halow Kankanalu

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Our handmade Jack Nakshi Halow Kankanalu will elevate your style. These bangles are skillfully made from copper and coated with light weight gold jewellery with price showcasing the everlasting elegance of traditional craftsmanship. The Jackfruit form cutting offers a touch of grandeur to your attire, highlighted with beautiful ruby, emerald, and AD stones.

Product Description



Material: Copper base with gold-sheeted jewelry
Design: Jackfruit shape cutting with ruby, emerald & AD stones
Weight: Starting with 6 grams
Bangle Size: Customizable for the perfect fit
Return Value: 55% yearly reducing method



Look into Jack Nakshi Halow Kankanalu, a mix of art and tradition. Our Women Jack Nakshi Halow Kankanalu bangles, a symbol of eternal beauty, come in a variety of sizes and can be personalized. They are more than just accessories since they are made of high-quality materials they represent an investment in elegance.These bracelets combine elegance and opportunity, with a yearly reducing return value of 55%. Explore our Gold Jack Nakshi Halow Designs, which combines tradition and modern style. Make a statement, wear traditional purchases now for a timeless piece.


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