Light Weight Gold Plated Lakshmi Devi Halow Kankanalu
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Light Weight Gold Plated Lakshmi Devi Halow Kankanalu

Lakshmi Devi Halow Kankanalu

Category: Bangles


Serial No -  2360


Copper based with Gold Plated using lakshmi devi idle on the middle designed both sided s-shaped lockets and half moon on the four sides of the bangles fitted with a screw.


Product Description

Features :


Weight: Starting with 6 grams
Bangle Size: Customize
Return Value: 55% yearly reducing method.




Our Lakshmi Devi Halow Kankanalu  is expertly handmade from high-quality copper, with a tiny touch of gold sheeting that enhances the holy aura. A wonderfully sculpted Lakshmi Devi idol takes center stage in the core of each bangle. Radiating grace and serenity.Both sides of the bangles include unique S-shaped lockets that provide a touch of refinement to the overall appearance, designed with deliberate symmetry. The bangle's four corners have half-moon decorations that are precisely fitted with screws, demonstrating the attention to craftsmanship.Our Lakshmi Devi Halow Bangles are available in customized sizes starting at 6 grams, assuring a perfect fit for every wrist. We recognize that each person is unique, and our commitment to Nakshi Bangles Designs to customization is reflected in the variety of sizes we offer.


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