Light Weight Gold Plated Ruby Halow Nakshi Bangles
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Light Weight Gold Plated Ruby Halow Nakshi Bangles

Ruby Halow Nakshi Bangle

Category: Bangles


Serial No -  2227


Precision meets artistry in this copper-based light weight gold jewellery designmasterpiece. Adorned with gold-sheeted jewels, featuring green emeralds, ruby rice stones, and sparkling AD stones—all meticulously handcrafted.

Product Description

Features :


 Weight: From 6g
 Size: Customizable
 Return Value: 55% yearly reducing method.


Antique Gold Nakshi Bangles Modernity is being redefined. Enjoy the Best Nakshi Design Bangles, a flawless combination of soft craftsmanship with emerald, ruby, and AD stones. Each item offers a unique story based on your preferences. Best Nakshi Design Bangles for Women you can Empower Your Elegance and Celebrate Womanhood. Curated for your distinct style, with sizes that may be customized. Make a statement with Brahmi Nakshi Bangles, where every detail exudes polished elegance.

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