Light weight gold plated Dahlia Necklace
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 Light weight gold plated Dahlia Necklace

Dahlia Necklace

Category: Necklace


Serial No: 2024


Experience the beauty of the Dahlia Necklace, a fancy lightweight gold jewel. Crafted from copper with gold sheeting, adorned with a flower-shaped pendant, leaf-shaped drop, and 190 CZ stones. Starting at 6 grams, 18 inches. Shop at SVS Lightweight Jewellery in Hyderabad."

Product Description



Material: Copper with gold sheeting

Stone: (flower-shaped pendant and leaf-shaped drop)

CZ Stones: 190

Weight: Starting at 6 grams

Length: 18 inches



Experience the perfect blend of elegance and style with the Dahlia Necklace. Skillfully crafted from copper and adorned with gold sheeting, this lightweight gold jewel by SVS showcases a mesmerizing flower-shaped pendant and a charming leaf-shaped drop. The necklace is adorned with 190 CZ stones, adding a dazzling touch to its overall appeal. Weighing just 6 grams, it ensures both opulence and comfort. With its 18-inch length, it gracefully enhances your neckline, making it a flawless accessory for any occasion. Discover the timeless beauty of the Dahlia Necklace at SVS Lightweight Jewellery in Hyderabad.

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