Light Weight Gold plated  Grape Necklace
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 Light Weight Gold plated  Grape Necklace

Grape Necklace

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Serial No: 2012


Introducing our Grape Necklace: classic elegance, lightweight design. Crafted with precision, featuring a flower-shaped ruby, 260 CZ stones, and kalaver-shaped rubies. Weighing just 6 grams, secure clasp, 16 inches in length. A timeless masterpiece from SVS Lightweight Jewellery

Product Description



Material: Copper base with gold-sheeted jewel

Centerpiece: Flower-shaped Ruby Stone

Pendant Design: 260 CZ Stones in grape formation

Additional Accents: Kalaver-shaped Ruby Stones

Weight: Starting at 6 grams

Length: 16 inches

Closure: Secure clasp for comfortable wear



Experience elegance with our Grape Necklace, skillfully made with a copper foundation and a jewel coated in gold. The focal point showcases a ruby stone in the shape of a flower, while the pendant sparkles with 260 CZ stones arranged in a grape formation, along with kalaver-shaped ruby stones, bringing a touch of glamour to your outfit. Weighing just 6 grams, this 16-inch necklace combines timeless tradition with contemporary lightweight jewelry designs. The reliable clasp guarantees a comfortable fit, making it a versatile accessory suitable for any occasion.


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