Light Weight Gold Plated Simple Jack Halow Kankanalu
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Light Weight Gold Plated Simple Jack Halow Kankanalu

Simple Jack Halow Kankanalu

Category: Bangles


Serial No -  2350


Our unique selection features best light weight gold jewellery, as well as carefully hand-made nakshi designs inspired by the classic jackfruit shape. Each piece shows the artistry and quality required to create timeless jewelry.


Product Description

 Features :


Weight: Starting with 6 grams
Bangle Size: Customize
Return Value: 55% yearly reducing method.



 Our Simple Nakshi Gold Designs include a distinct blend of traditional style, with lockets set with rubies, emeralds, and AD stones that provide a sense of luxury to your ensemble. The outstanding workmanship and care given to detail make these Kankanalu a symbol of enduring beauty.Simple Gold Designs Kankanalu, which starts at 6 grams, is made to be both lightweight and luxurious, ensuring comfort without sacrificing flair. The bangle size can be adjusted to fit your preferences, adding a personal touch to your jewelry collection.


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