Light Weight Gold Plated Drop Cutting Sunflower Four Bangles
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Light Weight Gold Plated Drop Cutting Sunflower Four Bangles

Drop Cutting Sunflower Four Bangle

Category: Bangles


Serial No -  2253


Indulge in elegance with Drop Cutting Sunflower Four Bangles. Crafted in copper with gold-sheeted jewels, customize your size. Discover the best Kasulaperu bangles in gold and traditional pearl bangles. Elevate your style with lightweight gold bangles. Enjoy a 55% yearly reduction in return value.

Product Description

Key Features:


Material: High-quality copper base with a gold-sheeted jewel

Design: Drop Cutting Shaped with beautiful sunflowers

Weight: Starting with 4 grams

Bangle Size: Customizable for a perfect fit



Introducing our captivating collection—the Drop Cutting Sunflower Four Bangle. Immerse yourself in the beauty of innovation and tradition with these exquisite gold sheet bangles. Crafted with precision, each piece features a copper base adorned with a gold-sheeted jewel, intricately shaped in a mesmerizing Drop Cutting design, accentuated with beautiful sunflowers. 


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