Light Weight Gold Plated Sridevi Diamond Four Bangles
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 Light Weight Gold Plated Sridevi Diamond Four Bangles

Sridevi Diamond Four Bangle

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Serial No -  2257


 Enhance your look with our sridevi diamond four bangles collection. All the designs are crafted with copper-based jewel with a gold-sheeted design featuring diamond shapes, sunflowers, and lining. It promises to please every eye that sets on it. Each design of light weight gold bracelet for women is unique with trending designs. You can customize your favourite one as per your size. 

Product Description



Material: Premium copper base with a gold-sheeted jewel

Design: Intricate diamond shape design with sunflowers and lining

Weight: Starting at 4 grams

Bangle Size: Fully customizable for a perfect fit



Our Sridevi Diamond Four Bangle collection is a symphony of craftsmanship and the best choice of light weight gold bracelet for women. Each piece of stone bangles designs features a copper base with a gold sheeted jewel. Its unique and traditional craft creates its own uniqueness from all. Whether you seek the finesse of Best Kasulaperu Bangles in gold or light weight gold bracelets, these light weight gold bangles embody the essence of sophistication. 


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