Light Weight Gold Plated Arcade Flower Halow Kankanalu
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 Light Weight Gold Plated Arcade Flower Halow Kankanalu

Arcade Flower Halow Kankanalu

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Serial No - 2282


 Enjoy the charm of our Copper-based Arcade Flower Halow Kankanalu, which is finished with best light weight gold jewellery handmade nakshi. The flawless design includes a natural blend of Jewel, Ruby, and AD Stones, giving each piece a touch of elegance.

Product Description

Features :


Weight: Starting with 6 grams
Bangle Size: Customize
Return Value: 55% yearly reducing method.



Our fascinating "Arcade Flower Halow Kankanalu." This gorgeous piece, made of copper and decorated with gold-sheeted jewel Hand Made Nakshi Designs, features an elegant combination of Jewel, Ruby, and AD Stones. This timeless bracelet, starting at just 6 grams, offers a tailored fit for every wrist.

Immerse yourself in the handwork of our talented artisans, who assure amazing quality and attention to detail. The beautiful floral patterns and classic style of Gold Arcade Flower Halow Kankanalu make it a perfect accessory for any event, beautifully moving from day to night.

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