Light Weight Gold Plated Alakku Hanging Necklace
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 Light Weight Gold Plated Alakku Hanging Necklace

Alakku Hanging Necklace

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Serial No: 2072 


Check out the Alakku Hanging Necklace collection at SVS Light Weight Gold Jewellery! These lightweight necklaces are all about sophistication and style. They showcase incredible craftsmanship and provide the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. Don't miss out on the chance to make a statement with lightweight gold jewellery - start shopping now!

Product Description



Material: High-quality copper base with gold-sheeted jewel

Design: Vowel-shaped emerald-colored ruby stone and white ruby stone

Weight: Starting at a feather-light 6 grams

Length: A flattering 18 inches for versatile styling

Accents: Red-colored hanging beads for added charm



The Alakku Hanging Necklace is a stunning work of art, skillfully made from copper and embellished with gold-plated gemstones. Its lightweight Gold construction ensures both comfort and style. The focal point showcases a beautiful emerald-colored ruby stone in the shape of a Vowel, accompanied by a white ruby stone, resulting in a mesmerizing contrast. The dangling red beads add an extra touch of sophistication to this glamorous necklace. Enhance your appearance with this extraordinary SVS Light Weight Gold Jewelry piece, where each necklace narrates a distinct tale of beauty and skill.

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